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19 May 2021 - 20 May 2021

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DAY 1, 19 May 2021

Opening & Welcome

Kevin Jones, Acting Director General of the European Spallation Source ERIC, will open the session and welcome the participants. 

Dominik Sobczak, Deputy Head of Unit in RTD.A3 "R&I Actors & Research Careers" at the European Commission, will follow with a presentation on "Research Infrastructures as Drivers for Science and Innovation"

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Opening & Welcome

  • Kevin Jones, Acting Director General, European Spallation Source ERIC

Research Infrastructures as Drivers for Science & Innovation

  • Dominik Sobczak, Deputy Head of Unit, RTD.A3 "R&I Actors & Research Careers", European Commission

SESSION 1: Setting the Scene

In this session, experts and high-level speakers from academia, research infrastructures and international organisations will introduce the latest trends in logistics and supply chain management. They will share with the audience how the field has been affected due to the on-going global pandemic and how they have quickly adapted to the situation and developed new ways of working.

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Latest Trends in Logistics Research

  • Wolfgang Stoelzle, Managing Director of the Institute of Supply Chain Management, University of St. Gallen

Moving Goods in a Locked-down World

Building and Operating Big Science Facilities in Remote Places

Managing Users' Expectations

Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience

  • Moderator: Jan Hrušák, Chair, European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

SESSION 2: The Fast & the Furious: Delivering Science for Life

Within the life sciences, logistics personnel are faced with major challenges when it comes to the shipping and handling of sensitive and perishable materials under controlled biological conditions, such as elements for drug and vaccine development. During this session, we will hear from three different life science perspectives, including the pharmaceutical and logistics industries, as well as the research world, the specific challenges they are faced with and how they overcome them.

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Use Cases for Fragile, Sensitive and Perishable Materials under Controlled Conditions

Preparation, Execution and Follow-up 

  • Isabel Bento, Staff Scientist, European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Collaboration in the Air Cargo Industry to Define, Agree and Implement Standard Ways for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Shipments 

  • Nathan De Valck, Chairman of Pharma Aero and Head of Cargo Product & Network Development at Brussels Airport Company, Pharma Aero

Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience

  • Moderator: Anton Ussi, Operations & Finance Director, European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine ERIC, ERIC Forum Vice-Chair

SESSION 3: Crossing Borders: Managing Customs & Taxes

This session is a common denominator for all who are a part of the logistics workflow because it pertains to the daily routine of managing customs and taxes. During the session, we will hear from the European Commission, a research infrastructure and a custom broker the ways to best adhere to the rules and regulations, and how we can find a common solution to simplifying the approach.

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  • Fernando Perreau de Pinninck, Head of Unit, International Relations, DG Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD), European Commission

    • Paul Deheij, Head of Customs & VAT Consultancy, Team Benelux, Thomas Weins, Vice President & Global Head of Customs Management, Gerlach Customs

    • Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience
      • Moderator: Patrick Muffat, Section Leader for the Logistic Service, European Organisation for Nuclear Research

    SESSION 4: It's YOUR turn to MOVE: Sharing Best Practice

    This session is about avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel each time an RI is confronted with a logistics challenge. An experience and diverse group of organisations will kick-off this session by sharing their challenges and best practices with the audience. There will then be an interactive session where we would like to hear from YOU the logistics challenges you have faced and how you have overcome them.

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    • Inger Jennings, Access & Logistics Officer, Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System
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    • Cédric Garino, Group Leader Services & Supply Chain, European Organisation for Nuclear Research

    • Terje Aunevik, Strategic Development Manager, Pole Position Logistics
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    • Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience 
      • Moderator: Jörgen Larsson, Senior Logistics Officer, European Spallation Source ERIC

    SESSION 5: Just in Time: Hybrid Dinner

    During the evening of day 1, we would like to invite you back for an interactive, virtual evening simulating a conference dinner. The first 150 individuals who register to join will be sent a complimentary gift box containing food and drink items to indulge in while enjoying the evening’s cultural entertainment.

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    • Cultural Entertainment
    • Networking Dinner

    Day 2, 20 May 2021

    SESSION 6: Handle with Care: Fragile & Precious Arts

    This session will address the risks and responsibilities of shipping and handling valuable, unique artefacts and how they are insured during the process. We will hear from a museum, a research infrastructure and an insurance company who are all well-versed in this area and the methods they have developed over time.

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    Making the Study of Precious Arts Possible at Research Infrastructures

    • Claire Pacheco, Head of the New AGLAE Facility, C2RMF, Louvre Palace
    • Marie Courselaud, Head of Preventive Conservation, C2RMF, Louvre Palace

    Lessons Learnt from 10+ years of studying Heritage Artefacts at IPANEMA and SOLEIL

    • Loïc Bertrand, Senior Researcher, Université Paris-Saclay & PPSM, CNRS, ENS-Paris-Saclay

    Insuring Art on the Move

    Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience

    • Moderator: David Mannes, Applied Materials Group Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institut

    SESSION 7: Handle with Care: Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

    Transferring dangerous and hazardous goods is an extremely complicated task filled with strict rules and regulations due to the critical repercussions that would result if something went wrong during process. In this session, we will hear from three organisations who are experienced in shipping these types of items, and how they prepare in order to avoid the disastrous situations.

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    Global Needs and National Borders: the logistics and politics of radioactive transport

    • Richard Lelievre, Procurement Officer, International Atomic Energy Agency 
    • Johannes Pappenreiter, Asset Management Specialist, International Atomic Energy Agency 

    How It's Done: sending and receiving hazardous material

    • Stéphanie Chatelain, The French National Centre for Scientific Research

    Managing Expectations from Factory to Facility

    Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience

    • Moderator: Jean-Michel Mure, Head of Nuclear Safety Unit, Fusion for Energy

      SESSION 8: Traveling on the Data Highway: The Digital Transition

      In this session we will address the challenges and opportunities that come with an ever-increasing digital landscape. We will hear from the industry and the research world just how important data and new digital platforms are and how they are being optimised to positively impact the supply chain.

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      Ello Group Digitalisation Journey

      The Role of Digital Platforms and Technology in Facilitating Good Management of Scientific Data

      How Data and AI can Transform Transport and Logistics and Enable New Insights

      • Andreas Metzger, Deputy Secretary General, Big Data Value Association

      Panel Discussion incl. Q&A from the Audience 

      • Moderator: Fabiana Fournier, Researcher in the IoT & Blockchain group, IBM Research Haifa

      SESSION 9: Moving Forward Together

      This closing session will be an interactive exercise to access the long-term sustainability potential of an RI.Logistica forum or platform for best practice and knowledge sharing.

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      Interactive Session 

      • Moderator: Ute Gunsenheimer, Head of External Relations & EU Projects, European Spallation Source ERIC

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